We are the sustainability quants

Welcome To Arabesque

Our name is inspired by the invisible numbers that form the symmetry we see in the world around us; from the spin of subatomic particles to the dizzying beauty of an Arabesque.

We aim to bring a new dimension to investing, using self-learning quant models and big data to assess the performance and sustainability of globally listed companies. Our rules-based approach to stock selection integrates ESG information with financial and momentum analysis, processing over 100 billion data points via 250,000 lines of code to construct our strategies.

Founded in 2013 following an independent management buyout from Barclays Bank, our firm has been built in cooperation with leading academics from universities including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Maastricht, and the German Fraunhofer Society.

Ours is a story of partnership between leaders in finance, mathematics, and sustainability working together to develop the next generation of asset management.

Investment Process

Our ESG Quant investment strategy combines environmental, social, and governance data with fundamental and quantitative financial models.

Arabesque is a platform for those who seek to create change through sustainable finance, including leading thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds.

APRIL 12, 2017

S-Ray: The power of sustainability information

(Eco Business) – Georg Kell, vice chair of asset management firm Arabesque and former United Nations Global Compact...

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OCTOBER 3, 2016

From Corporate Citizenship to Corporate Statesmanship

(Georg Kell and Martin Reeves, Thomson Reuters) – Georg Kell is Vice Chairman of Arabesque and Founding Director of...

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APRIL 6, 2016

Investing With a Conscience, but Done by a Robot

(New York Times) Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, the company behind a chain of down-home restaurants, might not seem an...

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