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Introducing Auto CIO, Arabesque’s new cutting-edge AI-powered platform for customised, sustainable and active investment strategies

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Create customisable, AI-driven, active sustainable investment strategies at the click of a button

Auto CIO empowers portfolio managers, investment advisers and financial institutions with a wide range of customisable tools to analyse and create sustainable active investment strategies

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Next-generation quant investment technology to deliver sustainable performance

Auto CIO is a cost-effective, automated AI solution for delivering alpha for clients, capable of millions of investment variations based on individual requirements

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Powered by Arabesque’s state-of-the-art AI Engine

Arabesque’s AI Engine analyses patterns and behaviours in financial markets, processing billions of data points to analyse the movement of 25,000 equities daily

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Delivering sustainable, autonomous investing at scale

Arabesque AI uses Google Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery to bring cutting-edge AI technology to the world of asset management, with the processing power of tens of thousands of computers

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Introducing AutoCIO

A Scalable, Customisable, AI-driven Sustainable Investment Solution

Artificial Intelligence and sustainability are driving transformation of global markets, with automation and customisation representing the future of asset management.

We understand that investors today have unique individual requirements, which is why we use AI technology to deliver customisable, sustainable investment solutions for alpha generation. All at the click of a button.

Welcome to the next generation of asset management.

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Bespoke Equity Portfolios

Customised sustainable investment powered by AI

AutoCIO is Arabesque’s new AI-powered digital platform that enables financial institutions and investment professionals to build and explore a wide range of equity investment strategies for clients.

Through the market-leading capabilities of the Arabesque AI Engine, AutoCIO allows users to customise and identify alpha sources, e.g. ESG performance, across a vast range of configurable investment strategies and meet growing demand for customised equity portfolios.

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Configure and build custom investment strategies tailored to clients’ unique objectives and values

Digital Investment Strategy Creation

An automated solution offering millions of configurable investment options

AutoCIO enables hyper-customisation at no additional cost, providing a highly cost-efficient solution for financial institutions and investment professionals to create personalised portfolios for their clients.

Previously a service only available to high net-worth investors, AutoCIO is a new tool that gives clients access to customised equity portfolios tailored to their individual objectives and sustainability values. It harnesses the power of AI and high-performance computing to offer an accessible and user-friendly process for building sophisticated investment strategies.

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Over 30 million data points are processed daily, evaluating the movement of over 35,000 equities

AI Alpha Generation

Customised and sustainable active portfolios for alpha delivery

Financial institutions continue to move towards the provision of artificial-intelligence-based customised investment strategies. Arabesque AI’s highly scalable and generalized algorithms continuously seek to analyse and identify patterns in equity markets to curate investment strategies which meet investor’s personal preferences and objectives.

Through AutoCIO, we aim to predict asset returns and other price features with superior accuracy by leveraging information from big and diverse datasets.

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Clients’ unique sustainability objectives can be integrated into each investment strategy

Customized Strategies Powered by AI

AutoCIO is a customisable, AI-driven sustainable investment solution that enables clients to implement a wide range of objectives and values in their equity investment strategies. Millions of individual combinations can be configured and created through the platform.

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Alpha Generation. Bespoke to Clients

Investors increasingly demand a bespoke approach to their investments, rather than off-the-shelf products. AutoCIO allows financial institutions and investment professionals a platform through which to build customisable portfolios and identify alpha sources that are highly tailored to their clients’ needs.

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Sustainability at the Core

Sustainable investing is a core feature of AutoCIO. Working with Arabesque S-Ray, a provider of sustainability data and insights services, we integrate ESG research in our approach to provide financial institutions with a suite of configurable options for their investment strategies.

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A cost-effective investment solution

AutoCIO is a highly cost-effective solution for financial institutions and investment professionals in offering bespoke equity portfolios for clients. Avoid capital expenditure on research, data and technology, and gain a competitive edge in the market shift towards customisable sustainable investment.

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Client Services

Solutions to help you build the sustainable investment products of tomorrow

AutoCIO allows financial institutions and investment professionals to create and analyse millions of equity strategies at the click of a button. But we also help clients to take the next step in defining how to utilise this information to build the next generation of asset management.

Full-Service Solution

White-labelling and Sub-Advisory Solutions

AutoCIO enables wealth managers to deliver cost-effective and customised solutions. Learn more about Arabesque’s client services in creating new sub-advisory products.

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Investment Advisory

Direct Indexing: Customized, Sustainable, Cost-Effective

AutoCIO allows the creation of personalised index portfolios to match clients’ individual needs. Learn how Arabesque can support the delivery of Direct Indexing solutions.

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Data and API Solutions

Data Delivery and API Integration

Arabesque offer a range of solutions for the delivery of AutoCIO data and API integration. Learn more about how our dedicated team can support you.

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