Introducing AutoCIO

We combine our AI Engine and ESG Data to deliver customised model portfolios

Autocio is an API-first, cloud-native AI-driven technology platform which utilises ESG data to deliver personalised model portfolios at scale.

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AI Engine, alpha-generating ESG investment strategies

The AI Engine forecasts on 30,000 stocks daily and is focused on generating alpha.

ESG Data

Hyper-customization enables unlimited portfolio options. Integrate ESG data from market leading provider, ESG Book.

Flexible delivery models

Compare against benchmarks in-app. Our model portfolios can be delivered using one of our three mechanisms.

Financial and Sustainable investment Customization options


Configure the investment universe according to ESG preferences, with data provided by ESG Book​.



Select companies based on their climate impact through the unique ESG Book​ Temperature™ Score.



Construct thematic portfolios focused on outcomes and impact.



Identify regions, individual countries or a list of countries for each strategy.



Identify individual sectors or a mix of sectors for each strategy.


Market Capitalisation

Select stocks by market capitalisation across developed and emerging markets.


Arabesque’s AI Engine aims to forecast the future returns of 30,000 equities daily

Powering AutoCIO is Arabesque’s AI Engine, a massively distributed computational graph consisting of 255 million nodes and 750 million edges. The AI Engine ingests raw data, applies machine learning algorithms, and ou tputs a probability weighted expected return daily for each stock.

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why use ai

The AI Engine simulates a traditional investment approach on an enormous scale

Our ESG Data partners​

Our Approach to ESG ​

We consider Sustainability as a strategic challenge for companies, quantifiable via ESG data. ESG information allows us to assess companies’ corporate strategy and management quality to understand and address short-term risks, and the drive to innovate to capture long-term opportunities. Incorporating ESG data in portfolio construction allows us to offer portfolios that are:

  • Tailored to your preferences
  • Mitigating ESG risks and benefiting from transition opportunities (i.e. ESG Integration)
  • Aligned with thematic SDGs (e.g. Gender equality)
  • Meeting new regulatory requirements (e.g. SFDR)
  • Addressing global challenges (e.g. Net-Zero aligned)

ESG Book

ESG Book collects raw data for 30,000+ global companies, and assesses companies’ sustainability performance across different dimensions, namely:

  • ESG performance focusing on financial material topics
  • UNGC performance focusing on normative values
  • Net-Zero performance focusing on businesses’ climate action

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esg book


RGS is a specialized Impact data company which is building on the Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI) framework, an initiative by Harvard Business School, to create financial accounts that reflect companies’ financial, social and environmental performance.

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Our delivery mechanisms 

We deliver portfolios to clients in three ways.
Our client solutions team will advise on the best method for your needs.

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Model Portfolios ​

Deliver target weight holdings via scheduled data delivery service. We provide strategy reporting and ongoing client servicing.

API Solution

API first approach that exposes full functionality of platform. We offer seamless integration to existing investment platforms.


Several existing UCITS funds are managed by Arabesque Asset Management.

Our Execution Partners

C8 is a direct indexing platform in which customers can invest in their customised model portfolios. Currently on C8, Arabesque has designed eight sustainable model portfolios, including a European climate strategy and a Global Developed human rights strategy.

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