13 May, 2021

Arabesque S-Ray Partners with Seneca ESG to Deliver Best-in-class Climate & ESG Data Analytics and Workflow Automation Tools for Investment Firms


  • Arabesque S-Ray and Seneca ESG will collaborate to integrate Arabesque S-Ray’s climate- focused Temperature Score and Emissions data into Seneca ESG’s ZENO software platform.
  • The integration will enable investment firm users of ZENO to gain immediate access to underlying and abstracted climate data on 7,000 companies globally, for use in their custom scenario analyses and scoring & assessment frameworks.
  • This marks the first step in the strategic partnership, with plans for future collaboration on overall sustainability data.

12th May, 2021, SINGAPORE & FRANKFURT – Arabesque S-Ray and Seneca ESG have today jointly announced their strategic partnership to deliver climate, sustainability, and ESG data analytics and workflow automation tools to financial market participants.

Using ESG big data and machine learning models, Arabesque S-Ray provides technology that is used by many of the world’s largest institutional investors, corporations, and consultancies to assess the sustainability performance of over 8,000 companies globally.

Seneca ESG specializes in building software solutions for both investment management firms and corporates, enabling them to more robustly integrate ESG data and analytics into their business decisions and workflows. The partnership will initially focus on integrating Arabesque S-Ray Temperature Scores and Emissions Data on publicly listed companies globally into Seneca ESG ZENO platform for investment managers. The partnership also aims to expand into overall sustainability data in the near future.

With this integration, users of the ZENO platform will have immediate access to climate data that can be easily used to build climate scenario analyses across unlimited portfolios, with adjustable parameters including but not limited to: indicator weightings, sector-specific materiality, degrees Celsius change, optimistic/standard/pessimistic cases, breakeven & threshold points, and comparison with other publicly available ratings.

“We are excited to enter into this strategic partnership with Arabesque S-Ray, one of the foremost pioneers in employing big data and AI methodologies to extract climate and sustainability data and insights from public information sources”, said Jonathan Ha, CEO at Seneca ESG. “Critical partnerships such as these allows us at Seneca ESG to focus on what we do best: delivering data-agnostic software tools that unlock greater value from raw and abstracted data, while allowing the end-user to decide which data to use and how”.