20 Sep, 2021

Arabesque introduces
Autonomous Asset Management

‘AutoCIO’ is the world’s first fully AI-powered portfolio manager that emulates the human decision-making process in asset management


  • AutoCIO is powered by Arabesque’s proprietary AI Engine, which uses the equivalent processing power of tens of thousands of computers run on Google Cloud
  • Arabesque’s latest offering is an industry solution to customise highly specific active equity strategies tailored to investors’ sustainability objectives and values
  • AutoCIO uses AI to forecast stock performance on a universe of 25,000 equities daily, and can create millions of active equity investment strategies
  • Over USD 400mio of investment strategies are successfully powered by AutoCIO
  • The new technology coincides with a growing industry need to leverage automation and AI for product development, alpha generation and delivering a differentiated client experience
  • Arabesque’s technology is the latest evolution and the natural next step for the industry from active to passive and now to autonomous asset management

Arabesque has today unveiled its Autonomous Asset Management offering for the creation of highly customised and sustainable active investment strategies, powered by an artificial intelligence technology that can generate and operate millions of active equity strategies.   

Developed by Arabesque AI, ‘AutoCIO’ enables asset managers and investment professionals to configure and build hyper-customised active strategies that can be tailored to each investor through more than a thousand different personalised investment options. The launch comes as the asset management industry increasingly looks to leverage technologies like automation and AI for cost-efficient product development, alpha generation and delivering a customised and differentiated client experience. With over USD 400 million currently powered by Arabesque’s AutoCIO, the platform offers investors an unprecedented degree of customisation through a streamlined web app that can generate a vast arrange of bespoke strategies, with AI used to forecast stock performance across 25,000 equities daily.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Georg Kell, Chairman of the Arabesque Group, said:

“Artificial intelligence will play a pivotal role in the customisation of active investing in the coming years, with pressure growing to innovate both in terms of technology and client centricity. Whilst the market is increasingly demanding sustainable products that align with the objectives and values of investors, asset managers are currently unable to offer customisable, active solutions at scale. Investment firms face a fast-changing landscape where many traditional products, tools and approaches are no longer relevant as they once were.”

“AutoCIO is a game-changing solution that can enable asset managers to deliver an enormous range of highly customised ESG investment strategies in a cost-efficient and scalable way. Sustainability issues are fast becoming a global priority, and new technologies like this will empower many more investors to participate.”

Powering AutoCIO is Arabesque’s proprietary AI Engine, which identifies and analyses patterns in data on a large scale to discover subtle relationships that can be translated into alpha opportunities. The AI Engine is capable of processing billions of data points each day for its stock signal outputs, using the equivalent processing power of tens of thousands of computers, and is run on carbon-neutral Google Cloud infrastructure. As new data is inputted, the AI Engine re-learns what is driving stock returns and aims to improve over time, removing human biases and reducing the potential for errors.

On the launch of AutoCIO, Dr Yasin Rosowsky, CEO of Arabesque AI, said:

“Asset managers today increasingly need to personalise products and services at scale to focus on customised strategies that incorporate investors’ sustainability objectives and values. We use the power of AI to build systems capable of handling the complexity of financial data and enable scalable investment process design for a wide variety of use cases in an efficient and cost-effective way. This is not a robo or passive investment solution, but fully active asset management, powered by AI. “We are excited to be bringing AutoCIO to the market and provide asset managers and investment professionals with a scalable, digital tool to build actively-managed, customised solutions that meet their clients’ sustainability goals.”