Why Use S-Ray?

Digital. Daily. Unbiased. Global. Scalable.

Our range of data tools allow us to offer a variety of services and bespoke solutions to many of the world’s largest investors, corporations, consultancies and media groups. Here are some of the key reasons why Arabesque S-Ray can provide you with a competitive edge in assessing sustainability.

Academic Insight

S-Ray has been developed in collaboration with leading universities and a world-renowned board.

Reduction of Potential Behavioural Biases

S-Ray utilises an algorithmic approach, systematically combining a diverse set of data sources, rather than relying on one set of human judgements.

Investor Perspective

Initially developed for Arabesque’s investment process, S-Ray provides a unique investor perspective and a deep understanding of materiality.

Daily Scoring

Through the combination of multiple data sources and news signals, daily updates can provide for more responsive decision making.

Multiple Lenses

To reflect the multi-faceted nature of corporate sustainability, S-Ray provides four distinct sustainability measurements, instead of one simple score.


S-Ray’s quantitative methodology allows for the constant addition of inputs for greater coverage, more comprehensive scoring, and competitive pricing.


Arabesque has a world-class board and advisory board within the sustainability space which provides S-Ray with oversight as well as content.

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