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Arabesque S-Ray GmbH

Arabesque S-Ray GmbH is a leading global provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics and data services. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and with offices around the world, Arabesque S-Ray was established independently in 2018 following its initial development at the Arabesque Group.

Using ESG big data and machine learning models, Arabesque S-Ray provides data solutions that are used across global capital markets to assess the sustainability performance of companies worldwide.

The proprietary technology developed by Arabesque S-Ray systematically combines over 200 ESG metrics with news signals from over 30,000 sources across 170 countries. Built by investors for investors, S-Ray® is the first tool of its kind to rate companies on the normative principles of the United Nations Global Compact (GC Score). Additionally, it provides an industry-specific assessment of companies’ performance on financially material sustainability criteria (ESG Score), and a measurement of corporate greenhouse gas emissions (Temperature™ Score). These scores are combined with a Preferences Filter that assesses a company’s business involvements. The quantitative technology of S-Ray enables the user to see the alpha impact of sustainability,

In 2019, Arabesque S-Ray GmbH concluded its ‘Series A’ Investment Round with five co-investors: Allianz X, Commerz Real AG, DWS Group, Land Hessen and Helaba Digital. The partnership and investment by the five co-investors enables Arabesque S-Ray GmbH to scale-up its operations to meet global demand for sustainability.

Arabesque S-Ray GmbH is advised by an Advisory Board of five members: Omar Selim, CEO of the Arabesque Group, Dr Dominic Selwood, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, the Arabesque Group; Dr Philipp Rösler, former Vice-Chancellor of Germany; Joseph Engelhart, Chief Investment Officer, Allianz X; and Volker Höntsch, Head of Sustainability at Commerz Real AG.

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