Arabesque Asset Management

SMA Solutions

“Arabesque is built on the two disruptors of modern finance – sustainability and AI – to deliver a new approach to sustainable investment. Through our group of companies, we leverage cutting-edge technology, research, and data, to provide innovative sustainable investment solutions for clients around the world.”

Omar Selim,
Founder & Group CEO

Arabesque’s separately managed account capabilities provide tools for creating a portfolio aligned with your values and risk profile. To Arabesque, “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) isn’t a product; rather, it serves as additional qualitative information we now have on public companies that may be impactful to stock valuations and identifying potential reputational risks. We also recognize each ESG and risk profiles are unique. Utilising our quantitative sustainability research through Arabesque S-Ray®, our innovative technology through Arabesque AI, and our expertise in actively managed equity portfolios, we are able to offer customization at scale.

Simple, Smart & Sustainable

Arabesque Asset Management

We seek to make sustainable investing, simple. We provide you with the tools and the framework for adhering to what matters most to you, through your investments.

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