Introducing AutoCIO

A Scalable, Customisable, AI-driven Sustainable Investment Solution

Powered by our AI Engine, AutoCIO is a new platform that allows financial institutions to build active, alpha-generating investment strategies that are hyper customised for clients’ sustainability objectives. A low-cost, scalable ESG solution at the click of a button.

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Build active, alpha-generating ESG investment strategies

We use our AI Engine to build active, alpha generating ESG investment strategies

Clients can quickly analyse the back-tests of desired configurations and compare these against other strategies and benchmarks. AutoCIO facilitates the creation of millions of strategies based on ESG, Risk, Values and Geographical Preferences, and AI is used to analyse stock performance on a universe of 25,000 stocks.

Express Sustainability Preferences

Clients today want to express ESG preferences through their investments

AutoCIO allows users to define a wide range of sustainability and investment objectives such as climate targets, ESG criteria and risk/return profiles.

Hyper Customization

Users gain instant access to over a million strategies

AutoCIO offers a huge degree of investment customisation, allowing clients to calibrate their personal investment and sustainability criteria using thousands of variables. Over 4 million strategies are available through the platform.

Cost-Effective Solutions

AutoCIO enables low-cost customisation of active alpha generative investment strategies

Financial institutions and asset managers spend significant capital on R&D, data and technology before considering personnel costs. With AutoCIO, the required spend to deploy the same capabilities is significantly reduced.

Sustainable Investment Customisation Options


Configure the investment universe according to ESG preferences, with data provided by Arabesque S-Ray.

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Select companies based on their climate impact through the unique Arabesque S-Ray Temperature™ Score.

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Arabesque S-Ray’s Values Alignment Tool flags companies that derive over 5% of revenues from specific business activities.

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Conviction Style

Define the conviction or diversification limits of your portfolio.

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Identify regions, individual countries or a list of countries for each strategy.

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Identify individual sectors or a mix of sectors for each strategy.

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Market Capitalisation

Select stocks by market capitalisation across developed and emerging markets.

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Run Back-Testing on Demand

Once customised investment preferences are configured on AutoCIO, the platform creates the strategy in minutes, with back-testing on the strategy’s performance available in a matter of hours.

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