Sustainable Intelligence

“We have built Arabesque on the three disruptors of modern asset management: Sustainability, AI, and Digital Assets”

Georg KellChairman of The Arabesque Group
Founding Executive Director, UN Global Compact

Powering financial markets to deliver a sustainable future

ESG Book combines cutting edge technology and proprietary research to fix a fundamental problem; markets need clearer ESG information to allocate finance efficiently to more sustainable outcomes.

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Introducing Auto CIO, Arabesque’s new cutting-edge AI-powered platform for customised, sustainable and active investment strategies

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The Meaning of Arabesque

“The word Arabesque represents the geometry of patterns in nature and the visualisation of our AI technology.”

Yolanda KakabadseBoard Member, The Arabesque Group
Former President, WWF International

Innovation at Arabesque

“Arabesque combines data, machine learning and AI to deliver sustainable, transparent financial solutions for a changing world.”

Inna AmeshevaDirector, ESG Book
ESG Research and Regulatory Solutions

The Story of Arabesque

“This company’s story is one of partnership between leaders in investment, mathematics, AI, and sustainability working together to develop the next generation of financial services.”

Nacira SuidakSoftware Developer, ESG Book

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    Access market-leading ESG solutions for over 25,000 companies worldwide.

    AI Advisory and Research

    Emulating human decisions in finance and portfolio management through AI.

    About Us

    Sustainable Intelligence

    Welcome to Arabesque. Established in 2013 after a management buyout from Barclays Bank, Arabesque is built on the two disruptors of modern finance – ESG and AI – to deliver a new experience of sustainable finance. We believe economic value creation can and should be combined with environmental stewardship, social inclusion, and sound governance, whilst delivering top 10% performance to our investors. Through our group of companies, we leverage cutting-edge technology, research and data to deliver sustainable, transparent financial solutions for a changing world.