23 Sep, 2022

Autonomous investment platform AutoCIO appoints Tim Wong as first Chief Product Officer


AutoCIO, the world’s first AI-driven asset management platform delivering active, customisable investment strategies at scale, has appointed Tim Wong as its first Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Tim will take ownership of the strategy and execution of AutoCIO’s product roadmap, developing and scaling the platform in line with evolving client needs. He will lead the integration of AutoCIO into different investment management systems and WealthTech platforms, through AutoCIO’s new Application Programme Interface (API) product.

The product strategy comes in response to a rapidly increasing demand for AI investing solutions that can deliver customised, alpha-generating investment strategies at a fraction of the normal cost and time. AutoCIO’s API solution will mean the platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing order execution and investment management processes.

The expansion of AutoCIO’s integration across the investment management sector comes at a time when the asset management industry looks for new solutions to boost competitiveness, with fees across the sector declining by 4% in 2021[1]and margins dropping by 14% in three years[2]. Tim brings more than a decade of experience in product management and strategy consulting. Most recently, he spent four years at Finbourne Technology, where he oversaw product.

development for investment data management and portfolio management software for the asset management industry. Previously, he was a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Prime, leading on the development, launch, and scaling of Prime benefit programmes.

Tim Wong, CPO at AutoCIO, said:

“Asset management is one of the few industries yet to be meaningfully disrupted by technology. Yet it is an industry that is facing a fast-changing landscape, driven by relentless downward pressure on fees, and growing demand from investors for customised products that align to their values and objectives.

“AutoCIO is well positioned to help investment managers leverage AI to meet these challenges, by enabling cost-efficient product development, alpha generation and delivery of customisable investment strategies at scale. I’m excited to be joining a world-class team, to continue strengthening AutoCIO’s value proposition, and to bring our offering to new audiences across the investment landscape.”

Yasin Rosowsky, CEO of Arabesque, added:

“The demand for customisation will be one of the defining industry trends of the decade, and will require technology solutions that can generate hyper-customised strategies on a different scale to anything we have seen before. In the coming years, AI will play a pivotal role in enhancing or replacing traditional products, tools and approaches that are no longer as relevant as they once were.

“As we look to bring AutoCIO to the forefront of the investment management technology landscape, I am thrilled to welcome Tim to our team. His experience and vision will be key to the adoption of AutoCIO across a greater mix of investment clients, reaching far more investors and volumes of capital.”

About AutoCIO

AutoCIO, a platform that allows financial institutions to generate active investment strategies, has doubled the size of its team since 2019.

Users can build customised funds by selecting their preferences across thousands of variables including risk, geography, industry and sustainability.

This enables users to generate hyper customised funds within hours, and at scale, enabling clients to create millions of unique strategies. For each fund generated, users can also analyse a back-test of its performance and compare this against other strategies and benchmarks.  

AutoCIO’s AI engine is designed to analyse patterns and behaviours in financial markets, with a range of machine learning algorithms used to forecast stock performance. The engine processes more than 30 million data points daily, and evaluates the movement of over 25,000 equities.

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