14 Sep, 2021

The Road to Net-Zero is Paved with Good Intentions – The Promise and Peril of Pricing Carbon

By Dr Inna Amesheva


Within a relatively short timeframe, an array of top-down regulatory initiatives have been introduced by policy-makers, including the proposed French Climate and Resilience Law, the UK Climate Change Act, as well as the recently adopted European Climate Law. These are accompanied by a range of mechanisms intended to internalize the cost of carbon emissions, such as carbon trading schemes, renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets, which have emerged as an important driver of climate action by the public and private sector alike. 

In this four-part research series, the Arabesque Research team explores the policy and market-based perspectives behind these emissions reduction measures, as well as the viability of carbon trading schemes, carbon taxation, as well as emissions offsets, within the context of the ongoing drive to reach net-zero.

In part one, Dr Inna Amesheva provides an introduction to the global carbon markets landscape, together with the underlying policy initiatives that underpin carbon trading regimes in key jurisdictions. She also outlines the main implementation mechanisms set out by the international climate change legal framework, as well as an overview of how this translates into private sector action and engagement. 

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